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How to make a minimized Liferay 6.1.1 GA2 barebone installation for project startup

This is how to start a new Liferay project without getting stacktraces because of a missing user with the primary ID 2.

  1. Get the bundle. Start it, run the wizard, log in, etc. (see here, step 3)
  2. See you don't like the welcome-theme for your project and want every trace of it out of the DB by repopulating it from scratch.
  3. Shut down tomcat.
  4. Delete directory contents of data/, tomcat/work, tomcat/temp (and drop the database if you're not using HSQL)
  5. Do NOT delete
  6. Delete unneccessary plugin directories: tomcat/webapps/resources-importer-web and tomcat/webapps/welcome-theme
  7. Clear your browser cookies for the liferay domain!!!
  8. Start tomcat
  9. Navigate your browser to the new Liferay domain and log in

Default login data (if you did not change anything in the wizard): URL: http://localhost:8080/ User: "" Password "test"

If you get a blank page on the liferay domain, you did not succeed in deleting your browser cookies! (See also in the Liferay Issue Tracker the ticket LPS-20237.)

You now have a blank Liferay installation where you could start your own project!

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