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Exposing Microformats

Project Description#

Microformatsare gaining popularity and acceptance as Web 2.0 and Semantic Web standards. This project aims to expose relevant Microformat flavors (hCard, hCalendar, etc) to allow third party applications (Yahoo, Technorati, etc) to make use of them.

Microformats are small HTML fragments embedded in web pages that are meant to be both human and machine readable. An example of the hCard Microformat:

  <span class="vcard">
      <span class="fn">Joe Blow</span>
      <span class="org">The Example Company</span>
      <span class="tel">604-555-1234</span>
      <a class="url" href=""></a>

Project Requirements/Objectives#

The goal of this project is to expose Microformats, where appropriate within Liferay portal and its portlets. There are several situations in which Microformats make sense:

Community Portal Pages#

Each page in a community portal (ie /web/group/my_community) should expose an hCard for that respective community. At the minimum the community pages should expose the community name and the url for the community

Personal Portal Pages#

Similarly for personal portals, each page should expose an hCard in each of those pages. For example, name, url, email address etc and any other relevant contact information for that user's personal portal can be exposed

Calendar Portlet#

The calendar portlet should expose an hCalendar for events occuring within the specified time period.

Address Book / Directory Portlets#

The Address Book and Directory portlets should be able to import / export the hCard Microformat.

Mail Portlet#

Email messages should optionally attach hCard, hCalendar formats to messages similarly to how MS Outlook attaches vcf / vcard to its messages.

When receiving messages that contain Microformat attachments, the mail portlet should integrate with Calendar and Address Book portlet to add events and contacts.

Initial Project Scope#

Initially we will be adding an hCard for each community portal. Depending on feedback and maturation of Microformat technology and third party support, we will expose Microformats in other areas above (and other unrecognized areas) as seen fit.

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach#

A set of taglibs will be created so that developers can easily embed microformats into their applications. This should follow a similar mash-up approach used by the ratings and discussion taglibs.


Please use the following format:

Very Cool!!

Let's go for it :)

Jferrer|Jferrer 10:18, 5 January 2007 (PST)

Wiring your portal with Microformats

I wonder if we can't use live clipboard type functionality to implement an easy way to link up the inter-portlet communication found in the 286 spec?


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