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Upgrade Process Customization

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    If you're looking for the release numbers and wondering how the upgrade classes are run, this is the place.

    In portal.properties, there a section called Upgrade:

     ## Upgrade
        # Input a list of comma delimited class names that implement
        # com.liferay.portal.upgrade.UpgradeProcess. These classes will run on
        # startup to upgrade older data to match with the latest version.

    This contains a list of classes that will be run by StartupAction.

    These classes all extend the abstract class UpgradeProcess.

    Within these classes, they are assigned a release build number in the getThreshold() method.

    StartupAction compares this number against a number stored in the database.

    This number is stored in the buildNumber column of the Release_ table.

    If the stored number in the database is less than the number in the class, than the upgrade will run.

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    Hi, I've got version 5.1.0 and i don't have... Javier Beringola 26. Dezember 2008 02:30


    I've got version 5.1.0 and i don't have portal.properties. Can you tell me where it is?
    Gepostet am 26.12.08 02:30.