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Upgrade 6.0 plugins to 6.1

Themes #

  • The default bullet styles in classic theme have been renamed from "1,2" to "arrow, dots". If you were using these bullet style names for your theme style bullets, please update your theme in the file liferay-look-and-feel.xml.

Documents hook #

  • migrated to JCR 2.0

CreateAccountURL #

  • The method getCreateAccountURL() in ThemeDisplay has been changed by method LoginUtil.getURLCreateAccount(HttpServletRequest request, ThemeDisplay themeDisplay)


  • DLAppService now the main business service to call for any document library invocations
  • DLFileEntryService, DLFileVersionService and DLFolderService merged into DLRepository (some business logic moved to DLAppService)
  • FileImpl.extractText() uses Tika now
  • Classes FileNameExcpetion and FileSize exception belong now to package com.liferay.portlet.documentlibrary (instead of com.liferay.documentlibrary
  • AssetLinkLocalServiceUtil.getLinks() behavior has changed. Use this method for the old behavior AssetLinkLocalServiceUtil.getDirectLinks()

Document Library & Image Gallery #

  • Image Gallery Model and Services don't exist anymore. Image Gallery becomes Image Gallery display and it's just a Document Library viewer customized for images.
  • Every development that used ImageGallery services must be changed to user DocumentLibrary services (DLApp)

Image Servlet #

  • ImageServlet doesn't exist anymore. All the logic has been merged into WebServerServlet. ImageServletToken has been replaced by WebServerServletToken.
  • "imageToken" velocity and free marker variable has been deprecated. Now, webServerToken must be used.
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It's okay to have this information, but I think... Sergio Romero 5. Juli 2013 02:33
I am using Liferay EE 6.1 GA2 and I could not... Aliabbas Surti 25. Juli 2013 17:58
Try something like this: ... Richard Oliver Legendi 16. Oktober 2013 02:02

It's okay to have this information, but I think there are more changes required to migrate from 6.0.x to 6.1.x
Gepostet am 05.07.13 02:33.
I am using Liferay EE 6.1 GA2 and I could not find the method LoginUtil.getURLCreateAccount(HttpServletRequest request, ThemeDisplay themeDisplay)!

Can anyone please suggest the correct approach to display the create account URL?

Gepostet am 25.07.13 17:58.
Try something like this:

PortalClassInvoker.invoke("com.liferay.portal.login.LoginUtil", "getCreateAccountHREF", request, themeDisplay)

The guys moved the functionality, but "accidentally forgot" to give us privileges to access it. You hopefully can get it this way if you have access to the request.
Gepostet am 16.10.13 02:02 als Antwort auf Aliabbas Surti.