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Staging - 5.2 and below

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Enabling Staging #

Note: The following also applies to Organizations.

  1. From the Control Panel and under the Portal category, select Communities.
  2. In the Action menu of a given Community select Manage Pages.
  3. From the topmost tabs select Settings.
  4. From the lower tabs select Staging.
  5. Finally, check-mark the Activate Staging check box.

Once enabled, a duplicate copy of the Community in question is created. All Layouts and data for Portlets designed to participate in the import/export process (via Portlet DataHandlers) is copied and deposited into a working copy which we call the Staging Community.

Since the working copy is called the Staging Community we dubbed the original the Live Community. Whatever name you want to give it, all Layout operations are disabled, and edit operations for supported portlets are also disabled. This is so that all content changes originate in the Staging Community to later be Published to Live.

Enabling Staging Workflow #

Once Staging is enabled, for sites of any complexity, it is likely that more than a handful of individual users are involved in the content development process. Once you get to a point where multiple users are responsible for several changes and responsibility for handling various aspects of these changes evolves past one or two Users, a mechanism for tracking and managing these changes becomes necessary. For this reason Liferay provides a fairly simple Staging workflow out of the box.

Enable and configure the Staging workflow by following these steps:

  1. Create a number of Community Roles representing the number of stages that your workflow will use, using names which are clear and indicative of the part they play in the workflow.
  2. Once the Community Roles are created, ensure that these Roles are assigned the minimum permissions as defined by the following matrix:


  1. Finally, having assigned the correct permissions to the Community Roles created in step 1
    1. Select the Number of Stages that are required in the workflow
    2. Assign the Roles to their appropriate Stage in the workflow
    3. Click Save
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