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New Features in Liferay Portal v6.0

Content and Knowledge Management #

Help increase adoption and making available knowledge easily accessible.

Sharing Content #

Web content is now more ubiquitous among communities with the new Global scope. It makes sharing web content, including structures and templates, across communities easier and efficient.

Other content, such as documents and images, can also be shared across communities with the Asset Publisher Portlet.

Tags and Categories #

Tags and Categories make organizing and finding relevant content easier. By tagging and categorizing information, users are able to discern what kind of information they are looking for, which kind of content is most popular, or even what kind of information they are looking at.

Tags and categories can easily be managed through the control panel. We've also improved the Taxonomy management and API for developers.

Custom Attributes #

With the ability to define custom attributes for all entities within the portal, users will be able to create the searchable attributes they need to efficiently manage information within the portal. Exporting documents in an archive, integrating custom attribute views in tables, and custom search queries for attributes are just a few of the benefits with this advancement.

Abuse Reporting #

Community based monitoring reduces cost on managing unruly content within your site. Users are able to report offensive and inappropriate content to community managers. This feature is available on forums, blogs, and any page within the portal.

Showing the Difference #

Users are able to distinctly identify updates within wikis to correct, further improve, or approve the information submitted.

This feature is also coming soon to Document Library and Web Content.

Asset Publisher and Filters Galore #

The improved Asset Publisher Portlet enables users to have more control over content published across communities, or even in single communities by filtering only relevant Asset types, tags and categories to the specified community(s).

Knowledge Base Plugin #

The Knowledge Base Plugin enables companies to consolidate and manage the most accurate information in one place. Imagine a user manual that is always updated. Users are able to rate and provide feedback on these knowledge base articles.

Integrated Workflow #

Users are able to manage the content creation process with a workflow. This helps content creators collaborate and go through the necessary steps in order to produce better and more accurate content. Within a workflow, a type of document, wiki entry or web content can go through approval processes that refines these assets. The integrated workflow within Liferay supports JBPM 3 workflows. Future support for Intalio available in Enterprise Edition.

Platform Management #

Portlet Performance Monitoring #

There are many variables that could cause a page, portlet, or even your portal to slow down or break. With JMX administrators can investigate possible causes for these issues and help developers fix or improve how specific portlets work.

Auditing #

The Audit Framework enables the portal to capture records of events that can be viewed and processed later. This gives administrators the capability to monitor users based on specific events. This information becomes useful for user accountability. These procedures can be done through a basic user interface. For developers, hooks are available for role grants and removals, document updates, journal content updates, and more. (Enterprise Edition only)

Analytics and Tracking #

With the Report Engine Framework and the ability to integrate the portal with Jasper and BIRT, users with access can have reports catered to them. Within this feature is the capability to schedule a time for execution and distribution of the report. Users can also create reports from analytical and data from the Auditing Service. With these functions, tracking user patterns, adoption, and portal growth is more accurate and can help organizations plan ahead for future goals. (Enterprise Edition only)

All for One, One for All #

New ClusterLink provides a simplified framework for communication across clustered portal instances. With this approach, managing your data infrastructure becomes a bit simpler. Administrators would be able to cluster a Lucene Search Engine without deploying SOLR, integrate it with a Rules Engine for self monitoring and management, and simplify cluster management when linked with a Scripting Service.

Scripting Based Management #

Through the scripting console, users are able to execute any migration or management code instantly. The portal allows these instances to be isolated or with ClusterLink, have the ability to execute it across the cluster if the user prefers.

Sharding #

Sharding lets administrators distribute data and load across several databases automatically or manually. This helps administrators scale the portal to their liking.

UI and Usability #

Clear, Concise Navigation #

With the new Dockbar, administrating and managing the portal becomes much more intuitive. It contains shortcut for commonly used portal components, and direct links to communities that the user or administrator belongs to. In addition to the Dockbar, we've also improved breadcrumbs to let users know where they are and visually guide them through continuing pages.

Improved UI for the Document Library #

The improved Document Library features a cleaner UI, a link specific for each document, and integrated metadata for discussion, actions, history among other things. Each designated linked document page is integrated with the global breadcrumb.

One Click Page Creation #

The new improved UI doesn't just make the portal for users prettier to use. Once a user has added a page, the user get's a drop down quick configuration for the page that will add portlets the the user's liking. Perhaps the user would like to build a blog page, in the past, this would have involved numerous mouse clicks and typing. Now with the new UI, the user just has to add the page, select the kind of page template they would like to use- in this case, it would be a blogs page, upon clicking the page template, the portal adds the most common and appropriate portlets to the page. This let's the user get the portal up and running, configured to their liking.

One Click Communities Creation #

Administrators, while creating new communities now have the option of selecting the type of community they would like to create, the portal then propogates the community with pages and portlets relevant to the community type that the administrator selected. If any of the user's pages have an undesired portlet, they can easily be removed from the page.

Self-Explanatory Content Authoring #

We've improved on the user's experience in creating content by including more graphical tools for authoring content structures. We've also updated tool tips and other information that can ease content creator's role in filling out web content forms.

Extension and Integration #

Generic Asset Framework #

The Generic Asset Framework allows developers to leverage Liferay's workflow, social tagging, and security features by providing services for custom content assets. Developers are even able to add new Assets from a plugin.

Alloy UI Framework #

Alloy UI takes common design patterns and makes them easier to implement, this way, developers spend less time designing, and more time creating usable plugins with usable interfaces. These visual elements are available for common interface elements in Tag libraries. Alloy UI also supports many of the HTML5 conventions, this gives UI developers the freedom to design the portal in the upcoming W3C standard.

Vaadin Framework #

Built in Vaadin Framework provides server-side development model for building portlets with rich user interfaces. The framework is unique by allowing all user interfaces development to be done in Java with no HTML, JavaScript or XML writing required. Vaadin provides a complete set of user interface components and is extensible with Google Web Toolkit with a large number of add-ons already available.

Rules Engine Based Personalization #

Developers are now able to target information based on a user's demographical information. This enables portlets and plugins to deliver more relavant content to the user, which makes a smarter portal.

Scripting Framework #

The Scripting framework enables developers to empower users by allowing them to script and extend applications built off the portal.

Reuse the Features of Liferay's Portlets #

Developers have the ability to reuse many of the features of Liferay's native portlets enabling them to build more integrated and robust applications with Liferay.

Here are just some of the features that developers are able to use:

  • Workflow
  • Custom Attributes
  • Report Abuse
  • Pretty Diffs
  • Global Breadcrumbs

All of which adds to the existing: comments, ratings, tags & categories, caching,...

Integration with External Sytems #

The Document Library will provide "out-of-the-box" integration with Documentum(Enterprise Edition only) and CMIS. In addition to this, we've also enhanced Sharepoint integration and we've featured the Atom publishing protocol in Blogs and other activities, and we plan on implementing more.

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Does this mean the next version will be named... Thomas Kellerer 2. Februar 2010 01:44
Yes Juan Fernández 2. Februar 2010 11:48
hi Juan, Is there any major difference b/w... Senthil Chockalingam 17. August 2010 06:02
Thanks for the info. There are a lot off nice... Maarten van Heiningen 5. Februar 2010 07:13
i would like to ask same question too. delang j 12. Februar 2010 18:21
Sweet! Thanks, Juan Jonas Yuan 12. Februar 2010 16:12
Can we create content streams from multi tags... Hamish Campbell 13. Februar 2010 02:25
Please confirm: In the new 6.0 version, will... Sebastian von Knorring 15. Februar 2010 01:03
Are there any release dates defined yet for... Amarjeet Singh 23. Februar 2010 00:29
Fully Agree. The missing feature of LPS5906 is... Miles Huang 23. Februar 2010 07:25
It's not just internationalization but also... Lisa Simpson 28. Februar 2010 13:27
Fixing your issues will fix some of my own... Lisa Simpson 28. Februar 2010 13:25
1) Just out of curiosity, why not use some of... Lisa Simpson 28. Februar 2010 13:41
truly something that is lacking is the power of... manuel lozano 1. März 2010 14:46
One of the new features that should and must be... Ricardo Vlh 4. März 2010 02:22
So far no respons from Liferay on this very... RoK . 19. Mai 2010 01:07
It seems there are still no localizable or full... Paul Franky 16. März 2010 02:46
Hi Paul, I'm sorry that this feature is not... Jorge Ferrer 13. April 2010 05:33
Hi Jorge, This is senthil from Microland... Senthil Chockalingam 19. Januar 2011 02:06
No answer on the timeframe for 6.0? I've... Scott McIntosh 26. März 2010 08:31
I found the roadmap (/Main/RoadMap). It would... Scott McIntosh 26. März 2010 09:09
I've been playing with the latest 6.0 release... Brian Walck 23. April 2010 17:59
Hi Brian, This refers to Page and Site... Jeffrey Handa 17. Juni 2010 13:34
Hi Brian, Its very nice to see... Anil Sunkari 16. August 2010 22:03
Does Liferay V6 support Teradaa integration? I... Liferay newbie 18. April 2011 05:58
Is there anywhere (wiki / documentation) that... Scott Palmer 3. Mai 2011 20:31
I NEED HELP ABT SRIPT TO CREATE IMAGE GALLERY salina yusoff 9. Januar 2012 18:13

Does this mean the next version will be named 6.0, not 5.3?
Gepostet am 02.02.10 01:44.
Thanks for the info. There are a lot off nice features you discribe.

Is this release also inncluding the newsletter portlet?
Gepostet am 05.02.10 07:13.
Gepostet am 12.02.10 16:12.
i would like to ask same question too.
Gepostet am 12.02.10 18:21 als Antwort auf Maarten van Heiningen.
Can we create content streams from multi tags in the asset publisher? Which can be rendered into RSS.
Gepostet am 13.02.10 02:25.
Please confirm: In the new 6.0 version, will the Web Content items (Journal articles) be fully localizable? Currently in version 5.2.3 Asset Publisher Portlet it is only possible to enter localized alternative language content for the actual article body, not the article headline ("Name" field) or the article abstract description.

This is very limiting and disappointing, since there is no point in entering localized article content if there is no way of entering a localized headline too.

Related issues:
Gepostet am 15.02.10 01:03.
Are there any release dates defined yet for 6.0?

Gepostet am 23.02.10 00:29 als Antwort auf Sebastian von Knorring.
Fully Agree.
The missing feature of LPS5906 is really important for anyone who want to create multi-language CMS website.
I can't believe that these great Liferay guys have spent so many effort implementing many excellent i18n support features in the portal product, but leave such fundamental feature request open. May be lack of customer feed back ;-)
I think this ticket shouldn't be marked in minor level.
So, ... why not users in same trouble hesitate login JIRA and vote on LPS-5906?
Gepostet am 23.02.10 07:25 als Antwort auf Sebastian von Knorring.
Fixing your issues will fix some of my own issues with special characters.
Gepostet am 28.02.10 13:25 als Antwort auf Sebastian von Knorring.
It's not just internationalization but also simple things like having an & in someone's job title. Or a ? or ! in a blog title.
Gepostet am 28.02.10 13:27 als Antwort auf Miles Huang.
1) Just out of curiosity, why not use some of the Pentaho BI portlets for the analytic reporting? Surely they wouldn't object to having Liferay come with a few of them preconfigured to show the session and audit data.

2) You already have the flagging functions for some things. That's not really new. Why include this as a new feature?

3) Sharding isn't new either. Maybe you're doing something new with it, but I've been seeing posts on people sharding Liferay for almost a year now. Why include this as a new feature?

4) When will the betas be available? All I'm seeing a still nightly builds and the most current one isn't starting. I'd be happy to start testing it. I've got an environment all set up for it.
Gepostet am 28.02.10 13:41.
truly something that is lacking is the power of modify the presentation of the portlets asset publisher and web contetn list is a headache if you want to change the color of web content's title or change the color of the buttons of the pagination or put your own ccs styles in the view.jsp
Gepostet am 01.03.10 14:46.
One of the new features that should and must be on Liferay 6.0 is FULL localization support for all default portlets.

This includes Document Library, Image Gallery, Page Friendly URLs.

For me, and most people I'm sure, this is more important than Sharding or clustering Lucene.
Gepostet am 04.03.10 02:22 als Antwort auf manuel lozano.
It seems there are still no localizable or full path urls in Liferay 6. This is absolute critical for SEO and therefore very disappointing despite many other good improvements. In fact this makes it very hard to use Liferay as CMS for international sites. I hardly understand why it's so unimportant for Liferay.
Gepostet am 16.03.10 02:46.
No answer on the timeframe for 6.0?

I've looked everywhere for a version roadmap.
Gepostet am 26.03.10 08:31.
I found the roadmap (/Main/RoadMap).

It would be nice if it had a "6.0" tag.
Gepostet am 26.03.10 09:09.
Hi Paul,

I'm sorry that this feature is not available yet. We are still trying to come up with a proper design for it that provides good performance. I hope it can be ready for the next functional release.
Gepostet am 13.04.10 05:33 als Antwort auf Paul Franky.
I've been playing with the latest 6.0 release candidate today and didn't see any "One Click" page creation or community creation capabilities. Did these actually make it into the release?
Gepostet am 23.04.10 17:59.
So far no respons from Liferay on this very critical issue of full localization!
Gepostet am 19.05.10 01:07 als Antwort auf r v.
Hi Brian,

This refers to Page and Site templates. They are in RC2.
Gepostet am 17.06.10 13:34 als Antwort auf Brian Walck.
Hi Brian,

Its very nice to see new release(6.0) & its outstanding features........I'll definitely work on it....Thanks a lot.
Gepostet am 16.08.10 22:03.
hi Juan,

Is there any major difference b/w liferay 6.0.5,6.0.4,6.0.3,6.0.1. and I've one more doubt that using liferay chat portal can we enable vice chat?.

Thanks in advance!!!!.
Gepostet am 17.08.10 06:02 als Antwort auf Juan Fernández.
Hi Jorge,

This is senthil from Microland Limited, Bangalore, India. Is there any Functionality Changes in Chat(@ the page bottom). Actually we need group chat option in Liferay V6.0.

Thanks in Advance..
Gepostet am 19.01.11 02:06 als Antwort auf Jorge Ferrer.
Does Liferay V6 support Teradaa integration? I came across this link recently:


Please confirm. thanks.
Gepostet am 18.04.11 05:58.
Is there anywhere (wiki / documentation) that has further details on the "Rules Engine Based Personalization" mentioned above?
Gepostet am 03.05.11 20:31 als Antwort auf Liferay newbie.
Gepostet am 09.01.12 18:13 als Antwort auf Scott P.