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Make Comments Threaded Or Flat

Introduction #

By default, all comments will be flat. This is due to a slight performance hit that is encountered when threading comments vs displaying them in a flat list. You can toggle the functionality with Portal.properties however.

Setting the property #

To change the display to threaded instead of flat, override the following setting in portal.properties.

## Discussion Tag Library

    # Set the thread view for discussion comments. This will affect Blogs,
    # Document Library, and other portlets that use the Discussion tag library
    # to provide comments. Set the value to "flat" to paginate comments. Set the
    # value to "combination" to show all comments in one page along with a tree
    # view of the comments.

The downside of using the combination (threaded) view, is that the replies are not paginated. If there are only a few comments this isn't a bad thing, but if you have hundreds of comments the threaded view could scroll for pages at a time.

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