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Liferay IDE 2.0 Milestone 1 Release

2.0 Milestone 1 Release Highlights #

  • 6.2.0 Liferay Portal CE support
  • m2e-liferay (liferay maven projects)
    • m2e-core, m2e-wtp integration (bundled with Liferay IDE now)
    • maven support (liferay-maven-plugin)
    • liferay maven project configurator
  • Ivy support (liferay plugins SDK projects)
    • IvyDE integration (bundled with Liferay IDE now)
    • projects with ivy.xml automatically get Ivy container
  • Theme development improvements
    • Freemarker/Velocity, theme parent wizard settings
    • Freemarker debugging for theme templates
  • Over 200 bug fixes, enhancements and improvements

Information #

Liferay Portal 6.2 Support #

The new 6.2 runtime/servers have been added right along side 6.0/6.1.

Liferay Maven Project Support - m2e-liferay Feature #

One of the most requested features for Liferay IDE has been maven support. This release now provides that support through a separate installable feature called m2e-liferay.

This is an extension of the existing Eclipse built-in maven support (m2e) but specialized to support the liferay-maven-plugin available for Liferay projects. This topic is quite log and involved so it needs its own page about m2e-liferay.

Ivy support for Plugins SDK projects #

In the latest version of the portal 6.1.2, 6.1.30, and upcoming 6.2.0 Ivy support has been added to the Plugins SDK. So now some of the projects created by SDK will come with their own ivy.xml file for dependency management along with the common infrastructure for Ivy (cache dir) residing in the root of the Plugins SDK. In order for these projects to work full in Eclipse (all classes compile) we need to enable Ivy dependency management for Eclipse. This is going to be accomplished by integrating the great work by the IvyDE team, using their plugin for Eclipse to support Ivy enabled Liferay plugin projects.

So starting with 2.0M1 of Liferay IDE it will come bundled with IvyDE plugin. Also if any project that is created in the SDK contains an ivy.xml file (e.g. JSF projects) then the New Liferay Wizard will automatically add a Ivy nature, add an Ivy container configured to use Plugins SDK cache and ivy-settings.xml from the Plugins SDK and will also automatically invoke the resolve for the container (i.e. download the dependencies).

Theme development improvements #

If in the new project wizard you select that you want to create theme project, you can see additional options for specifiying the theme parent and the template langauge you want to use. By default we have switched to Freemarker mainly because of the next biggest new feature, the Freemarker debugger.

Freemarker Debugger #

Included in the 2.0M1 release is a new feature for debugging Freemarker templates executed for Liferay theme plugins. This feature creates a Freemarker debugger client integrated with Eclipse debug view. When you launch a Liferay Portal 6.2 Server in "Debug" mode it will automatically enable the embedded Freemarker debugger. Then you can add breakpoints to any FTL file that is opened with the "Liferay Freemarker Editor". When the Portal evaluates those FTL templates it will pause execution and activate the debug view Eclipse. You can then inspect variables, step, resume as you would expect in normal java debugger. Also you can suspend the calling Java thread in order to see the stacktrace from Liferay that calls into the Freemarker template engine.

There are some missing features that you would expect, like watchpoints, native stepping, run-to-line, making changes to stack, etc. We are working with Freemarker team in order to deliver a advanced debugger for future versions of Freemarker that will have more features equivalent with all modern java debuggers.

Other highlights #

  • Various Layout Template Visual Editor improvements
  • Remote server adapter supports proxy servers
  • Portlet wizard now supports adding portlets to Control Panel

Feedback #

Please give us feedback on this release. Namely issues involved in migrating from IDE 1.6.x projects, or using 6.2 Portal server. Also the Maven support is in its first version so there are going to be some rough edges to be smoothed out in the upcoming milestone releases. But the quality will be much better if the community will report issues they have with 2.0M1. Post issues to Liferay IDE Forums or the JIRA project.

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