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The Knowledge Base Portlet is a portlet designed to allow sharing knowledge within an organization. Some of its features are:

  • Create articles using a rich editor, either from scratch or from a template
  • Categorize articles so that they are easier to find
  • Rate and comment articles
  • Manage templates
  • Organize articles in a hierarchy to form full guides/books
  • Much more...

This portlet is still in development and is planned to be released officially after Liferay Portal v6 is out. If you'd like to be a beta tester or contribute you can follow its development through Liferay's SVN repository.

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has it been added in liferay 6.0.x ? Shivam Sharma 15. September 2010 23:49
When will it be available for LR 6? Marcelo Ruiz Camauër 12. Januar 2011 06:21
Building from svn fails, can anyone help me?... Pablo Miño 26. Juni 2011 11:21
Having trouble finding any comprehensive... Chris Becker 18. Januar 2012 09:10

has it been added in liferay 6.0.x ?
Gepostet am 15.09.10 23:49.
Gepostet am 12.01.11 06:21 als Antwort auf Shivam Sharma.
Building from svn fails, can anyone help me?
Gepostet am 26.06.11 11:21.
Having trouble finding any comprehensive documentation on the knowledge base portlet. Where can I find it?
Gepostet am 18.01.12 09:10.