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IntelliJ IDEA is a commercial Java IDE by JetBrains, often referred simply as IntelliJ.

The latest version of IntelliJ (11.1) includes a number of advanced features such UML-like class diagrams, visual Hibernate modeling, Spring 3.0 and Play Framework support, Dependency and Data Flow Analysis, Apache Maven support, Intelligent Coding Assistance and On-the-fly Code Analysis. A complete list can be found at their features page.

Jetbrains provides a fully functional 30-day trial version of the commercial edition for various platforms. Also available is an open source Community Edition. Check the differences between commercial and community versions here.

You can extend IntelliJ default features by installing plugins. Right now their Plugin Repository lists more than 500 plugins, both freeware and commercial.

Here you can find more information about how Using IntelliJ with Liferay

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What are your recommended memory settings for... David Truong 28. August 2008 08:48
That depends on what are you working on, how... Igor Spasić 21. Juni 2010 02:13
Any plan to update this for Intellij 10? Also,... Jeff c 30. März 2011 03:57
I'd like to see some consideration for moving... Kirk Stork 23. September 2011 18:22

What are your recommended memory settings for IntelliJ
Gepostet am 28.08.08 08:48.
That depends on what are you working on, how much RAM do you have, what plugins are installed and so on. I have, for now: -Xmx1024m and it is working (intellij 9). I would recommend you simply start with one value and raise it when required.
Gepostet am 21.06.10 02:13 als Antwort auf David Truong.
Any plan to update this for Intellij 10?

Also, any plans to migrate liferay to maven modules?
(would be tons easier to import, manage, etc.)
Gepostet am 30.03.11 03:57.
I'd like to see some consideration for moving to Gradle as the build system. It is like getting everything you love about Maven without, <snip> -- all while keeping what you love about Ant without all the XML.

Intellij understands Groovy and Gradle, so it might be a nice set-up for IntelliJ users.
Gepostet am 23.09.11 18:22.