BugSquad - Liferay Portal 6.2 CE Milestone 5 Testing

Introduction #

Liferay has released the fifth milestone build of the next version of Liferay. This milestone includes most if not all of the bug fixes based on the feedback from the bug squad in previous milestones, as well as several new features. See below for a list of new features and bugs fixed in this Milestone.

Goals of this Milestone #

With this milestone, we are getting closer to a first Beta release of Liferay Portal 6.2. BugSquad has been instrumental in improving the milestones up to this point, and the release and development teams need your help once more!

With Milestone 5, we are specifically looking for:

  • Bugs (of course!)
  • Functionality quirks or small improvements to features

Ideas for new features are always encouraged, but keep in mind that to maintain high quality and the ability to release a solid product, large-scale changes and new features will likely have to wait until after the 6.2 release. Most important now is to look at the existing feature set and see if there are small improvements things you dislike that can be fixed prior to Beta.

Downloads #

To obtain the Milestone 5 build, download one or more bundles:

Features #

These are some of the new features included in Milestone 5 that you may be interested in testing. As usual, Liferay is using a JIRA Structure to visualize new features ("Stories") in each Milestone. You can see the Milestone 5 Stories, or visit the overview of Stories for all Milestones.

Developer #

  • LPS-34603 Enhance JavadocManagerUtil to also show comments for a class.
  • LPS-34160 As a developer, I wish to flag certain service methods to bypass AccessControl checks
  • LPS-33847 Update Eclipse files to use -master vs -trunk nomenclature to fit better with Git vs Svn
  • LPS-33682 As a developer, I would like to have one activity interpreter per type of entity
  • LPS-33455 As a customization developer I'd like the custom field taglibs to be more extension friendly
  • LPS-33194 Enhance JSONWebService Invoker: allow usage of inner properties
  • LPS-32200 As a Liferay Marketplace Developer, it should be less time consuming and less error prone to identify and declare necessary PACL declarations
  • LPS-31545 As a Liferay portal developer, I want to be able to enable or disable WorkflowThreadLocal for tests that need to
  • LPS-31396 As a developer I should be able to reuse CSS rules along the portal
  • LPS-33277 As a Portlet Developer, I want to be able to generate portlet URLs in the activitiy feed of my entities
  • LPS-34537 As a tools developer, I would like to be able to call ServiceBuilder multiple times using same JVM process
  • LPS-34489 As a platform deployer it would be ideal to have a choice to include PACL security or not
  • LPS-32048 As a developer I would like to see far less noise during test suite execution

Site Administrator #

  • LPS-33741 As a site admin I can add more than one Media Gallery portlet to a page
  • LPS-31740 As a site administrator I can check the status of propagation for for page / site templates and request propagation explicitly when necessary
  • LPS-34341 Unify all site related options in the Manage menu of the dockbar into one
  • LPS-33872 As a site administrator I want users to be a member of a site only if they are member of the parent site
  • LPS-32842 Improve the performance of site templates propagation for sites with a large number of pages
  • LPS-32698 A site admin should be capable of browsing, editing, deleting and adding DDM Structures and DDM Templates via WebDav
  • LPS-29499 As a Site Administrator I can display content from other sites through Asset Publisher
  • LPS-28993 As a site administrator I have a UI to visualize the embedded portlets in a page and manage their preferences

Portal Administrator #

  • LPS-34383 As a Liferay administrator, in Control Panel, Server / Server Administration, Properties, Portal Properties, I can see the database value of a property, if present
  • LPS-34540 As a portal admin I can configure the default landing page (after login) to be a page in either the user's public or private pages.
  • LPS-33512 As a system administrator I can configure Liferay to use strong encryption to increase protection of the impersonate and remember me features
  • LPS-33511 As a system administrator I can make Liferay use strong encryption for passwords stored in the db
  • LPS-34599 By default enable only the 7 supported languages in a Liferay installation.
  • LPS-33295 PACL - Allow PACL to be totally disabled with no runtime cost

WCM / Content Admin #

  • LPS-34295 As a developer I would like to handle all the export/import related path methods in one place
  • LPS-33743 As a web content creator I want the fields of my structures indexed by default (so that I can search, filter and sort by them in asset publisher)
  • LPS-30818 Add Application Display Templates support for Media Gallery
  • LPS-29946 Apply Recycle Bin to Bookmarks
  • LPS-28319 Application Display Templates Refinements
  • LPS-33267 Apply the Staged Model pattern to Polls and Polls Display to increase reliability, extensibility and speed of export, import and publish to live operations that involve its entities
  • LPS-33089 Apply the Staged Model pattern to Mobile Device Rules to increase reliability, extensibility and speed of export, import and publish to live operations that involve its entities
  • LPS-33081 Apply the Staged Model pattern to Message Board to increase reliability, extensibility and speed of export, import and publish to live operations that involve its entities
  • LPS-33007 As a content or application template author I can add items from a palette when writing the template code
  • LPS-32843 Apply the Staged Model pattern to Dynamic Data framework to increase reliability, extensibility and speed of export, import and publish to live operations
  • LPS-32534 Apply the Staged Model pattern to Bookmarks to increase reliability, extensibility and speed of export, import and publish to live operations that involve its entries and folders
  • LPS-31965 Improve speed of Asset Publisher dynamic lists, specially when using permissions
  • LPS-33478 As a content editor, I can see the entity I'm creating in the Asset Publisher directly when only one is available
  • LPS-30961 As a WCM Administrator, I will be able to create and edit structures and templates using the new editors from Dynamic Data Mapping (DDM)
  • LPS-34438 Make freemarker the default template language when a template is first created
  • LPS-33799 As a Template Author I can use Autocomplete and the variables pallette when authoring templates using Velocity as the language

Power User #

  • LPS-33224 As a DDL user I can see the name of the entity in the portlet, instead of "Record"
  • LPS-33829 As a workflow definition creator, I would like to specify notifications to be sent to the User Notification channel in Liferay
  • LPS-32285 As a DDL administrator I will be able to create Freemarker templates using hints via AutoComplete
  • LPS-33230 As a DDL user I can edit a record from the record view

Framework #

  • LPS-34587 RoleLocalServiceImpl.hasUserRole(long, long, String, boolean) should not be used for testing role existence
  • LPS-33999 Hide "Manage Rule Group Priorities" tab when there are less than two rules in mobile configuration
  • LPS-33998 Rename OS to Operating System for Device Rules
  • LPS-33508 As a core engineer I can see the percentage of the code being tested
  • LPS-33429 Include permission checking in indexer tests
  • LPS-33403 Upgrade JUnit from 4.8.2 to 4.11
  • LPS-33307 Reimplement tests for page templates and site templates
  • LPS-33219 Upgrade to Jodd v3.4.2: enhanced type conversions
  • LPS-33162 Standardize Interface / Impl / Util pattern so that all Constants are in the Interface and not in the Util
  • LPS-33132 Cobertura load time instrumenting support
  • LPS-33129 Update log4J to version 1.2.17 (from 1.2.16) and change the PatternLayout to EnhancedPatternLayout
  • LPS-31720 Improve Journal API and db model to use the same terminology for templates and structures as in DDM
  • LPS-31558 Fix tests that are using SocialActivity framework
  • LPS-31208 Centralize the permission logic that checks for permission to access Control Panel applications
  • LPS-30019 As a code reviewer all the pull request I receive should have been automatically tested
  • LPS-25995 Upgrade testing framework to Selenium 2
  • LPS-34693 Add default IPV6 config of cluster.
  • LPS-33416 Improve internal conversions of jsonws invoker
  • LPS-32259 Add different strategies for non-serializable wrapping on weblogic
  • LPS-30063 Upgrade process for calendar events

Collaboration / Social #

  • LPS-32964 Link to subscribe to a content should only be displayed when sending notifications is enabled
  • LPS-31852 As an user I should be able to categorize a calendar resources
  • LPS-28679 A user must be able to search for a folder by name within Document Library, Bookmarks and Web Content administration
  • LPS-34493 As a user, I would like to refresh the captcha image when it is unclear
  • LPS-33003 Show the gist when the result of search is an attachment
  • LPS-32727 An user can edit the details of a calendar event, make comments to it and rate it
  • LPS-26751 Open Social gadgets deployed to other gadget containers looking to leverage Liferay web services should authenticate via OAuth.

Misc #

  • LPS-34326 Inline mappingtable's _SQL_CONTAINS sql for consistency
  • LPS-34170 Refactor FinalizeManager to remove the dependency

Bugs Fixed #

You can view the list of bugs fixed in this Milestone here.

Known issues and limitations #

TBD - Will be filled in as issues are identified.

How to report bugs and suggestions #

The developers working on 6.2 will be monitoring the reported bugs and suggestions to provide timely answers.

Where are the plugins? #

Any plugins that should be tested with the milestone (if any) are included in the bundles by default, but are not built separately.

Building Portal and Plugins Manually #

If you are interested in trying out any of the open source plugins with this Milestone (for example, to see if a bug still exists in a plugin), you can build them yourself. Here is an example that should work on Unix/Linux/MAC (Windows developers can easily translate this to their own tool chain). This will download the portal source code and plugins source code, build the portal, and build the knowledge-base-portlet (as an example), and deploy it to the newly-created portal, and finally start it up.

$ mkdir /tmp/foo
$ cd /tmp/foo
$ wget --output-document=portal.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/archive/6.2.0-m5.zip
$ wget --output-document=plugins.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/liferay/liferay-plugins/archive/6.2.0-m5.zip
$ mkdir bundles
$ unzip -q portal.zip
$ unzip -q plugins.zip
$ cd liferay-portal-6.2.0-m5
$ ant -f build-dist.xml unzip-tomcat
$ ant all
$ cd ../liferay-plugins-6.2.0-m5/portlets/knowledge-base-portlet
$ ant deploy
$ /tmp/foo/bundles/tomcat-7.0.34/bin/startup.sh
$ tail -f /tmp/foo/bundles/tomcat-7.0.34/logs/catalina.out
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