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Asset Publisher Portlet

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Introduction #

This portlet used to be called "Tagged Content" portlet prior to Liferay 4.3.5.

The Asset Publisher is a very flexible tool to publish many types of contents. It allows showing lists of web contents, blog entries, images, documents, bookmarks, wiki pages... Each element of the list might be shown as a mere title, a summary (aka abstract), or even in full details etc.

Asset Publisher also allows the end user to click an asset to see it in full detail, or even for some asset types (blogs, wiki pages, forums, ...) to be forwarded to the original context which originated the content.

Asset Publisher debuted around version 4.4 of Liferay and has been matured since then including a set of significant improvements in version 5.2 which make it a very useful tool for web publishing.

Features #

  • Support for several type of list displays:
    • Abstracts
    • Titles
    • Summary
    • Table
  • Dynamic selection based on:
    • Tags that an asset has
    • Tags that an asset doesn't have
    • Asset type
  • Manual selection of assets
  • Support for grouping the assets of the list by tag
  • Flexible selection of metadata information to be shown
  • Tag based navigation (new in 5.2)
  • Category based navigation (new in 5.3)
  • Quick creation and edition of assets
  • Support for rating of assets
  • Support for commenting the assets
  • Configurable display options
  • Pagination

Screenshots #

List of assets displayed as a list of abstracts

List of assets displayed as a table

Configuration #

From liferay5.2 these options are available in the configuration view for the assets to display:

And from the display settings:

  • Order by different columns
  • Maximun items to display
  • Pagination
  • Ratings
  • Comments
  • Metadata (author, date of publishing, tags... )
  • Asset link behaviour: This option lets you decide what happens when a user clicks on an asset. He may be shown the content right where he is or he may be taken to the page where the content was published originally.

Depending of the view you will have more options:

  • Abstracts
    • Length of the abstract
  • Full content
    • Show the title of the asset
    • Show the link to the original context

Customization #

As of Liferay 5.2.x, the list of displays (table, list, abstract and full content) is easily modified.

Any of these display styles can be modified using the Extension Environment to override the files in portal-web/docroot/html/portlet/asset_publisher/display

Also, new display styles can be added following these steps:

  1. Add the new style to this property in portal-ext.properties: asset.publisher.display.styles=table,title-list,abstracts,full-content,my-style
  2. Add a jsp file with the same name (changing hyphens for underscores) to the folder display shown above in the Extension Environment, in the example: ext-web/docroot/html/portlet/asset_publisher/display/my_style.jsp
  3. The new style will be available from the configuration view.

Limitations #

Versions previous to 6.0GA present the following limitation: If this portlet has been configured to use manual selection of assets, it won't work normally when using staging or remote publishing.

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Thank you! great job!, some explanation for customization for version 5.0?
Gepostet am 14.05.09 12:29.
Is there a way to add Audio/Video content to the "add new" list of items in the asset publisher?

Also, I can't seem to find a separate portlet that allows uploading/managing audio/video files the same way that Document Library and Image Gallery do.
Gepostet am 14.12.09 02:10.
Hi All,
Any body included Organization in the Asset Publisher portlet as an Asset, I am building a portal where I have to show the Organizations based on different criteria Same like as Blogs and Forums, I have started doing it in 6.0.
Gepostet am 03.03.10 01:41 als Antwort auf Scott Rosene.
This portlet is pretty cool to have one single portlet where various content items are shown, but it has one major flaw: It shows all items, even if the user does not have the permission to see some (see LPS-7034). I hope this will be fixed in v6 :-)
Gepostet am 26.03.10 07:44.
Hi there,

I have a question. How do i get my Asset Publisher to publishing the Web Contents
of parent organization while Asset Selection is set on "Dynamic". Is this doable with
right configuration, or it needs some development?

I would be very grateful if someone could help me with that.

Gepostet am 05.07.10 07:56.
Is there a way with the most recent asset management to set the priority of an asset?? It's one of the columns which can be sorted and there is a "priority" column in the tagsasset table but as of 5.1.2 at least, there was no way to set the priority. Has this changed??????
Gepostet am 31.08.10 07:57.
How to create an Asset Publisher Display Style showing the contents in 3 columns???
Gepostet am 20.07.11 16:46.
it's possible to search in an asset publisher?
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