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Amine Bousta
Tabs in Journal
14. April 2008 01:06

Amine Bousta

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I'm using Liferay for a year now and I have many improvments suggestions.
Here's my simplest suggestion. I need your opinion to know if it's worth to contribute in this way.

I noticed that many users (non technologists) are "affraid" of the GUI interfaces of portlets shipped with Liferay. (whereas they feel ok with the general GUI of Liferay, the dock...)

In the Journal portlets all functionalities are shown at a glance.
I noticed that "basic" and first users have the feeling that editing an article is complicated.

My suggestion : Let's split functionnalities into 3 different javascript tabs :
1 - the first tab would only show the FCKEditor
2 - the second one the publication functionnalities
3 - the last one would stand for all other options

In all cases the "save"s buttons would always be visible and accessible.

So that very first users just click on an article, edit it in FCK, and save.
They're convinced by the power of Liferay and optional functionalities would be considered later then.

That is a very simple improvment but as it has never been done I was wondering if everybody agree with that.

I think by the way that it could be done in all other portlets bundled with Liferay.

If you are ok with that I will add this very first contribution in LEP

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