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Don DeMoss
Job Potential after Portal Admin Training
23. März 2010 15:38

Don DeMoss

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Hi all,
I am always trying to learn more about Liferay and I thought that taking part in the Portal Admin Training could be rewarding in some way. I'd like to know if by going through this training it would open up opportunities in the job market. Would this training be enough to get a job being a portal admin? Has anyone seen job listings looking for people with experience with Liferay?

I'd love to see what anyone might say on this topic.

Thank you,
Juan Fernández
RE: Job Potential after Portal Admin Training
24. März 2010 01:11

Juan Fernández


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Hi Don!

I think your question is quite open. I mean that it depends on where do you live (there are regions with a huge demand on Liferay and other where it's completely unknown) and what do you do for a living.

If you are a developer, you should definitely focus on the development course, because it is the most usual profile that the companies are looking for.

Anyway, if you are not a developer, Portal Admin course will give you the hability to manage a portal, and it'll be useful if you find a job as a system administrator in a company that uses Liferay. In most of the companies I've been working with there are system adminstrators that learnt about Liferay "on the fly", so that would be an advantage if you have knowledge or experience with Liferay.

Finally, why don't you search job offers in the internet with "Liferay" or "Liferay Administrator" as a key word? I think we can learn about this "market research"

Greetings and good luck
Juan Fernández

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