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Daniel M Scott
can i take elements of ext enviroment and add to tomcat liferay bundle?
19. August 2009 02:03

Daniel M Scott

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Hi Guys

Ok, this may seem like a strange question but allow me to explain.

I am using the book by Jonas X Yaun for developing liferay 5.2 the areas i am most interested in are extneding cms to show most recent content, related content, top 10.

I used the ext enviroment and built from source, but when i try adding things like chat or webform portlet via the WAR files and normal process the liferay breaks, my chat wont work, i get errors behind the scenes in the tomcat cmd window.

So my question.

If i examime the liferay ready to use bundle against my own built ext, the only differences seem to be, that mine has the following additional files.

ext-impl sits here C:\liferay-portal\tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\lib
ext-service sits here C:\liferay-portal\tomcat-6.0.18\lib\ext
ext sits here C:\liferay-portal\tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\ROOT\html\portlet

If i move these files into the bundle and start it up, would it work??

Whilst im sure this isnt the correct way to do it if it works, it works, could someone advise.

Thanks in advance.
zahid khan
RE: can i take elements of ext enviroment and add to tomcat liferay bundle?
19. August 2009 02:35

zahid khan

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Hi there,

this way will work for sure , and you use it as well, but the only thing is by mistake or for any thing if u give cmd for ext-deploy , then all ur changes are gone because ur putting every thing directory under the server.

If you could do this safely then there is no problem.


Zahid khan.

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