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Jonas Yuan
Proposal: sharing tags and assets in organization hierarchy
17. Juli 2009 08:19

Jonas Yuan

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Currently, the scope is used for immediate group (either organization or community) only. The hierarchy of scoping is not supported yet. It would be nice to have a feature: sharing tags and assets in organization hierarchy.

For example, we have root organization: High School; and child organization: HS North. The parent organization of HS North is the organization High School. Now we add tags and assets in the organization High School; we may expect to share same tags and assets in the organization HS North via organization hierarchy.

How to implement this feature?

The table organization_:


Add one column: shared

By default, the column shared has value false. If the organization (e.g. High School) is root (having no parent organization), and it has the column shared with value true, then child organizations (e.g. HS North) would be able to share tags and assets, scoped with their immediate parent organization (e.g. High School).

Any comments and suggestions?


Jonas Yuan
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Jorge Ferrer
RE: Proposal: sharing tags and assets in organization hierarchy
17. Juli 2009 08:21

Jorge Ferrer


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Hi Jonas,

This is something that has been suggested before. See the following thread for a more complete discussion on content sharing: http://www.liferay.com/web/guest/community/forums/-/message_boards/message/2566791

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