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Rodrigo Madruga
Login error with Internet Explorer
28. April 2009 09:58

Rodrigo Madruga

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Eintrittsdatum: 28. April 2009

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Hello there

I have installed Liferay Social Office 1.0b1 to evaluate as a intranet for our dev team. Got the LDAP auth working fine.

The problem appears when we try to login using Internet Explorer 7. It never get past the login screen. We are getting :

1 Authentication failed. Please enable browser cookies and try again.

It doesn't matter if the login is right or wrong (or even empty!) as it always shows the same error.

I have tried to change all the possible IE config, zones, privacy settings, use various computers, disable LDAP, etc. No luck at all.

Have anyone here experienced such error?
Ryan Park
RE: Login error with Internet Explorer
27. Mai 2009 14:34

Ryan Park


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I have seen this error once on Firefox but there was an error in the configuration files.

I don't quite remember what it was that triggered it but if you have custom configurations please double check them.

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