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Mohammad Danish
Issue with Asset Publisher
3. Mai 2013 22:48

Mohammad Danish

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Dear Experts,

In my portal I am using LR 6.0.6 and I have implemented some of the display style for the asset publisher.
My asset publisher is configured to show the web contents according to their categories.
If in the title of a web content I put a semicolon (ex sample news : In INDIA life is god...) then there are 2 cases that happens.
1) If I access the website using url+port then the web contents opens perfectly fine.
2) If I access the website using only url not the port then the web content does not opens up else the same page is opened from where the link is opened .

In the 2nd scenario no logs are generated by the tomcat. So I am not able to debug down the issue.

Any light on the issue will be helpful..