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Pooja Venkateswaran
Queries on LifeRay features.
23. April 2013 02:11

Pooja Venkateswaran

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We are evaluating Liferay Enterprise Edition to build an ePortal. There were a few queries regarding the features.

1) Liferay states that it allows upto 3.9k transactions per second. How does it translate in terms of number of concurrent users. Can Liferay support 5k - 10k concurrent users at a time? Has liferay benchmarked any value of no. of concurrent users or plans any upgrades to provide a higher number of simultaneous user activity.
2) Can we run LifeRay based portals in a Virtualized Environment running on vmWare vSphere 5.0?
3) Does liferay provide any 2-factor authentication (such as RSA, TAC, Virtual keyboard).

Timely response would be highly appreciated.

Vilmos Papp
RE: Queries on LifeRay features.
23. April 2013 04:49

Vilmos Papp


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Hi Pooja,

1) If you are evaluating the product's EE version you should ask for whitepapers from sales, based on your requirements (I think) they can give you the numbers you are really interested in.

2) Sure check this presentation from VMWare:Video

3) I think, out of the box Liferay doesn't have such a solution yet, but our AutoLogin mechanism is easily extendable, so you can implement it relatively easily. please find some info here: http://www.liferay.com/community/forums/-/message_boards/message/14343439