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Alex Curtui
Liferay Indexing
5. April 2013 06:51

Alex Curtui

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I've noticed that after indexing (for example Reindex all search indexes. in Server Administration), although the console says that Lucene has finished indexing, in reality it doesn't, which can be noticed by observing the files inside portal_folder/data/lucene/10154 which are recreated.

I have the following problem: I'm updating a table which contains ~50k rows (by deleting everything and reading content again), and after everything finishes, I reindex the table. The problem is *How can I know when lucene has finished indexing?*, because if someone searches something on that particular table, it might not find an answer until the reindexing process is done.

I'm thinking there is a trigger for when the actual indexing has finished (the files in lucene folder are done being created), such that in the meantime I can search the table itself.

I'm open to other proposals as well.

Thank you,