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Michael Stratford
Lifery clustering - questions and problem
3. März 2013 04:36

Michael Stratford

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Eintrittsdatum: 1. März 2013

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I'am new in liferay community and I have a couple questions about clustering.

1. In document "Advanced Liferay Architecture - Clustering and High Avaibilty" the sample screen describes EhCache or Tomcat SimpleTCPCluster. Someone can explain me what does mean ? I was think that is two different feautures

I ask this questions beacuse i have a problem with evironment which i must manage after the other person. Evironment is not yet production!
Architecture: (without load balancer yet)
6x tomcat 7.0.23+mod_jk (the same network subnet)
2x mysql server with ha-jdbc (different network subnet but application servers can access to mysql)
All serwers Windows 2008 r2 x64 - Vmware.
Parameters all application server cpux4 + 8 Gb RAM.
Liferay 6..0 CE

In attachment configuration files.

The Problem:
All servers (without database servers) couple hours after restart utilize 100 % CPU (tomcat7.exe process) and utilize network interface 60-150 Mbit/s. 6 servers x 100 Mbit/s = 600 Mbit/s.!!
The portal is not production yet and that is strange.No one connect to the page.

I think the processor is utilize due to network saturation .The all traffic is multicast to the address

At the top of this post i write the questions beacuse i think is this is the configuration problem. I can't find what does exactly mean cluster in liferay architecture ? Is cluster is only required for distributed cache ?

For a couple days we uncoments this line and everythings back to normal.

I was test the replication (change on one node article or remove) and changes goes to all host.
In the connection i see only address (Tomcat SimpleTCPCluster )

Thanks in advance
Anhänge: httpd.conf (18,0k), portal-ext.properties (1,9k), server.xml (8,4k), worker.properties (0,8k)

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