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Marcus Hjortzén
Using Page Template and Web Content Display
27. Februar 2013 07:10

Marcus Hjortzén

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Hello fellow Liferay Portal users!

I'm creating a page template that will contain a couple of web content display-portlets.
The template is going to be used by around 50 pages and each page will have it's unique web content being displayed.

My problem is this:
If I change the definition of the page template it immediately destroys the configuration I've done on the actual page using the template.

That is:
* I create a page using the template
* I create an article (or configure it to show an existing article)
* An administrator changes the template
--> the page no longer displays the article

What am I doing wrong here?
Isn't the web content display portlet made for being used in this manner?

(Using Liferay 6.1.20, enterprise edition)
Diego Pietralunga
RE: Using Page Template and Web Content Display
25. März 2013 09:15

Diego Pietralunga

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Hi Marcus,

I'm investigating this issue too.
To me (and my web editors too) this IS a bug...

..But, generally speaking, I think it' s quite complex and depends on how page templates (very useful feature in theory!) were implemented/planned.

Referring to your described actions, the _feature_ is:

you made a template at time1 (T1), you created some pages with that template till T2, then somehow someone decides the template needs modification (even very small, such as a portlet moved, not removed). This is T3.
Form the feature point of view, you CHANGED the template and, for some kind of consistency in LR, the NEW page template overrides all pages from which they were derived
with the new and fresh template.

To me, this "kind of consistency" is a BUG. Doesn't scale, for one.
We have lost MANY pages with journal content inside.
You CANNOT ALWAYS kwon for sure what you template will look like or the customers might want after a rethink.
If you ALREADY inserted some WCD (Journal Portlets) you loose them (they're _not_ deleted, but most of the site is "gone")

Liferay 6.1.0 CE GA1

Thinking of some workaround..... (hard...)

Diego Pietralunga
RE: Using Page Template and Web Content Display
25. März 2013 09:53

Diego Pietralunga

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Eintrittsdatum: 4. August 2009

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Well, I should rephrase the problem.

I think there's already a confirmed issue in the issue tracker:


Looks like it's a WCD (Web Content Display) only problem.... but I bet that MOST sites are made of many WCD!

I'll rephrase the problem like this:

The "Page Template" feature SHOULD work like this:

If I make a Page Template, with WCD inside, and I use it for creating, say 50 pages (each page has or WILL have a single WCD managed by different editors at different times)
IF and WHEN someone will decide that the template should change (e.g. customer decision to add... a breadcrumb portlet) I want my previous work (on WCDs) to be _preserved_ in those 50 pages, so the WCD SHOULD *retain* it's configuration (i.e. pointing to the same articles the web editors chose to go in those specific 50 pages),
otherwise the _site_ is lost(!) event if the web content are still into control panel (but all editors work is wasted).

I understand that some portlets, say "Navigation" , are almost automatic and will work almost out-of-the-box if, for example, removed from left side and brought to the right side but this is _not_ the case for WCD. This feature should really be completed to make the change to the template propagate correctly (i.e. moving "Navigation left to right) but I want my already worked pages (with WCD) to stay there!

It's not manageable to go hunting for hundreds pages to disable propagation too...

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