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Javier Paniza
OpenXava 4.6: Rapid Development of Liferay applications
23. November 2012 03:10

Javier Paniza

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OpenXava is a framework for Rapid Development of Liferay applications, well-suited for business and database oriented applications.
OpenXava allows you develop applications just by writing simple domain classes with Java or Groovy. The user interface is generated automatically in runtime, without code generation.

OpenXava 4.6 has some new interesting features such as:
  • Custom reports generation from list.
  • It’s possible to customize the list mode defining your own editor.
  • You can assign a model object (an entity or a transient object) directly to a View to populate it.
  • In the jUnit tests you can assert the content of generated PDFs
  • New @RowAction annotation for collections.
  • Labels and messages available in Russian.

The file name for generated reports includes model name and time. and many other useful new features and bug fixes.

Read the complete announcement in OpenXava site: