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Elijah "Ellie" Mangason
Liferay 6.1.1 how to extend the classic theme to include more colors?
9. Oktober 2012 11:03

Elijah "Ellie" Mangason

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Is there a straightforward way to extend the classic theme to include 10 colors instead of just three. Specifically, in addition to green, blue, and orange, our requirements indicate purple, navy blue, red, aqua, yellow, gray, and tan color schemes. Can the various color codes in the classic theme be easily translated to these other colors? For example, the orange hover color is expressed this way in css:

.orange .aui-state-hover {
background-color: #DAC8BA;
background-image: url(@theme_image_path@/color_schemes/orange/application/state_hover_bg.png);
border-color: #837062;

how would the red hover color be expressed? Is there any easy way to make the translation?

[b]red .aui-state-hover {
background-color: #???????;
background-image: url(@theme_image_path@/color_schemes/red/application/state_hover_bg.png);
border-color: #??????;

THANKS for any thoughts or suggestions you have!
RE: Liferay 6.1.1 how to extend the classic theme to include more colors?
10. Oktober 2012 16:27


in the liferay-look-and-feel.xml define more color schemes

<color-scheme id="01" name="Blue">
<color-scheme id="02" name="Green">
<color-scheme id="03" name="Orange">