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Lukas Svoboda
Icefaces autoCompleteEntry position problem
28. September 2012 15:20

Lukas Svoboda

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Hello I am beginner at Liferay CSS and basicaly at everything so I would like say sorry for stupid question's. I have set up JSF portlet with ICEfaces and if I use autoCompleteEntry ace component dialog is not positioned correctly. I don't know what I made wrong and I can't figure it out. Only think what I discovered is that autocompleteentry.js is setting the dialog's position to absolute. If I change it to fixed it is right where it should be. Theres faces-jquery function offset() that returns offset of input against html document but the dropdown is positioned against portlet. I am totally stuck. I decided to ask before I make some dirty hack emoticon. Other ace components that I have used so far was working well. Thanks for any advice.

<ace:autoCompleteEntry listVar="country"
listValue="#{addressSystemBean.countryList}" id="country"
<f:facet name="row">
<h:outputText value="#{country}" />
<h:message id="countryMsg" for="country" />
Neil Griffin
RE: Icefaces autoCompleteEntry position problem
1. November 2012 07:43

Neil Griffin


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This looks like a CSS bug when ICEfaces is used in a portlet environment. I would recommend that you create an issue in the ICEsoft issue tracker for ICEfaces.