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Theoni Zaharia
cas-web.war and Liferay 6.1.1
21. September 2012 02:50

Theoni Zaharia

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We are trying to integrate Cas with Liferay.We followed this link:


The deployed was enabled in Jboss but when we tried to access the CAS login page (https://localhost:8443/cas-web/login) nothing came up.We also tried to use the server hostname instead of localhost but it didn't work.
We tried to test Cas connection from control panel but without success(we attached screenshot)

Is there something we didn't do?


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Miguel Ángel Júlvez
RE: cas-web.war and Liferay 6.1.1
3. Oktober 2012 05:59

Miguel Ángel Júlvez

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Unreachable means that you can't get that url

Have you tested ping sso.e-asp.gr from liferay server?
Have you tested telnet sso.e-asp.gr 8443 from liferay server?
Have you tested https://sso.e-asp.gr:8443/cas-web/login from liferay server?