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Niko Humalamäki
Thanks buttons in the forum
13. August 2012 23:55

Niko Humalamäki

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The improvement tag in JIRA: http://issues.liferay.com/browse/LPS-29231

Vote it up, if feeling like it.

Previous discussion:

In short:

I was thinking that one could indentify a usefull post or hot topic at a glance at no. of thanks, sort of ranking like in stack overflow or for example maemo.talk.org... just a thought for Santa, would add some info on the popularity of a topic or post..

...this thought has been tossed around in the community a couple of times - I think it would be useful as well (and there are a couple of suggestion/requests in the 'suggestions and new features' forum). Perhaps there could be a 4th ordering button (next to "flat/hierarchical/combination" buttons we have today) that allows you to order it based on message rank (number of +1's / -1's). This assumes we would need to turn on rating again...