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Dave Weitzel
Linking folders to calendar events
21. Juni 2012 09:33

Dave Weitzel

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I am surprised that Document Folders do not seem to be assets that can be related/linked to calendar events.

Is there any quick way of actioning this?

The requirement is to link one or more folders of items in the media library to an event. Currently the picker only allows media bank items and looking at the set up of Assets I cannot see any com.liferay.documentlibrary.asset.DLFolderEntrayAssetRenderer.class

Is there any way to enable this?
Is it going to be in GA2 as it seems a pretty standard requirement for seminars to link to handouts by folder not all of them individually?

As an aside where are Asset Types set to be Linkable as in assetRendererFactory.isLinkable() && assetRendererFactory.isSelectable(), I only see the "is" methods and no "Set" methods?