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Dave Weitzel
predictive search
19. Juni 2012 06:31

Dave Weitzel

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I am looking at how to implement predictive search in Liferay. This may depend on the underlying search engine so if anyone can advise which one is best to use please post here.

Looking at Lucene, SOLR and Google search appliance (GSA).

need to provide a UI where when you start typing the system suggests the search term and hopefully offer an option to show the results as you hove over it (like google.com does)

I cannot see that Liferay search portlet stores the search terms used other wise a simple hook/portlet may be able to do this.

Anyone done this or can make suggestions?

Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: predictive search
24. Juni 2012 00:12

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Solr now supports "Suggester".


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