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Daniel Niklas
Ho to use feature "display page"
21. April 2012 01:47

Daniel Niklas

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my requirements:
  • show dynamic entries from some category
  • link them to another "full--view"-Page

I tried to solve this by using the "display-page" in combination with the asset-publisher-portlet, but i can't get this work. How do i configure a page "to be the default Asset Publisher"?

When i want to choose a display page for an article, i get the following message:
not a content display page. It is possible to make an existing page a display page by adding an Asset Publisher and configuring it to be the default Asset Publisher for the page.

Thans in advance,
Andrew Jardine
RE: Ho to use feature "display page"
4. Oktober 2012 14:22

Andrew Jardine

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I'm having the same issue -- did you figure out how this works by any chance? Documentation is not really helping me much.

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