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Aarti Dholiya
Pop up issue
20. April 2012 01:52

Aarti Dholiya

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Eintrittsdatum: 7. Februar 2012

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I have used my custom pop up to add & edit events on calendar portlet & its working fine but the issue is :

When you are creating an event and you try and add an Asset to the event (Related assets) the pop-up window for that opens behind the current pop-up.

Its should ideally open in front of the current pop-up.

My code to open a custom pop up is as below:

'<portlet:namespace />openCustomPopUp',
function(url, popUpID) {
var A = AUI();

popupDialog = new A.Dialog(
id: popUpID,
centered: true,
draggable: true,
resizable: true,
width: 800,
stack: true
uri: url,
iframeCssClass: 'dialog-iframe'


Please help me with this issue, its very urgent.

Amit Doshi
RE: Pop up issue
1. Mai 2012 04:22

Amit Doshi

Rang: Liferay Master

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Eintrittsdatum: 29. Dezember 2010

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Hi Aarti,

I think you decrease the z-index of your custom-popup as compared to that of Asset Popup.

I am not sure about it. But practically I think it should work.

Thanks & Regards,
Amit Doshi

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