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Matteo Gnocchi
Portal Instance Properties
27. Januar 2012 04:02

Matteo Gnocchi

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I have a single liferay 6.0.6 CE server, there are several portal instances; each individual instance has a series of communities that shares the configuration.
Is there a way to add different individual configurations for each portal instance (for ex. portal-instance1.properties)?


Sandeep Nair
RE: Portal Instance Properties
27. Januar 2012 04:12

Sandeep Nair

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I think it should be possible as I see the provision in portal.properties to include company specific properties, though I have never tried id. Check out the following property. It says first you have to set company-id-properties system property to true, then you can have portal-companyId.properties

 1    #
 2    # Each portal instance can have its own overriden property file following
 3    # the convention portal-companyWebId.properties. To enable this feature, set
 4    # the "company-id-properties" system property to true.
 5    #
 6    # To enable:
 7    #
 8    #     java ... -Dcompany-id-properties=true
 9    #
10    # The read order will now be: portal.properties, then portal-ext.properties,
11    # and then portal-liferay.com.properties.
12    #
13    # Note that not all properties can have different values per company. This
14    # functionality is only available for legacy reasons. The preferred way to
15    # configure a portal instance is through the Control Panel.
16    #
17    include-and-override=portal-${easyconf:companyId}.properties
18    include-and-override=${liferay.home}/portal-${easyconf:companyId}.properties

RE: Portal Instance Properties
30. Mai 2012 07:30


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Hi Matteo,

did you manage to make this work, after all? I'm trying to do the same for the Web server properties with no success. Any gotchas you encountered? Anyone else?

In detail, what I did:
I added -Dcompany-id-properties=true to setenv.bat in the line defining JAVA_OPTS
I also created system-ext.properties file with company-id-properties=true in it
I created portal-myCompanyWebId.com.properties and inside I added the web server properties I wanted to customize for the instance with the given webId

I think that should be all.