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James Falkner
The Liferay Quiz - Round 3 - The Answers
6. Februar 2012 08:12

James Falkner

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When was Liferay Portal 6.1 CE released?
Answer: Jan 6, 2012!

Which of the following is NOT a Liferay Training course?
Answer: Advanced Themes is not one of the training courses offered.

Which database does Liferay support?
Answer: All of the above!

Which is a real article written by Liferay? (hint: http://bit.ly/A7uuiM)
If you didn't follow the link to find the answer, I'm not gonna tell you now!

How many services partners does Liferay have?
Answer: 110+. Scroll to the bottom of this list (or manually count each one).

What is Liferay Marketplace? (http://bit.ly/y5dfBW)
Answer: Follow the link!

What is the name of Liferay’s community audio podcast series?
Answer: Radio Liferay

Liferay is named a _____ in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for _______?
Answer: We are a Leader in the Horizontal Portals MQ.

Which is not a Liferay user?
Answer: None of the above. They all use Liferay! Capella University (as a learning management portal), Cisco Systems (as an internal social collab platform), Sesame Street (as an Emmy-winning media-rich website), Volkswagen (as an employee portal). Check out our stories.

Who leads the Liferay IDE (http://bit.ly/AygTli)
Answer: Greg Amerson .

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