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Vipin Bardia
No such entry Exception when work-flow is disabled.
12. Dezember 2011 23:13

Vipin Bardia

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Hi All,

when i Add/Edit any article while work-flow is enabled, it works fine.

But, if i disable the work-flow,
in that case add article is working fine, in case of update,
it gives error like this-----------

No AssetEntry exists with the key {classNameId=10295, classPK=15447}

article is updated, but portlet is temporarily unavailable with this error.

I had debug the WorkflowHandlerRegistryUtil.java and check the method startWorkflowInstance ,
and it returns true WorkflowThreadLocal.isEnabled() even work-flow is disabled.

If any suggestions are their ,please let me know.

Vipin Bardia

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