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Project Title #

XMPP Chat Support

Background #

Liferay provides basic intra-portal chatting capabilities, with a UI similiar to the Facebook-style in-browser chat. This allows users on the portal to have realtime conversations with other users logged into the same portal, whether they are friends with each other, or simply members of the same community. The chat funtionality is built-in as of Liferay Portal 6, and can be added to earlier versions of the portal through the chat portlet download (See the References section).

Use Cases #

A user wishes to chat with online friends who may not be logged into the portal, but are otherwise known to the user through external chat networks like Google Chat, AIM, etc.

The Problem #

Currently, Liferay Chat only allows chatting with users who are logged into the same portal instance.

The Solution #

Modify Liferay to enable chatting with external chat networks, including configuration, and UI options.

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, JSP, JavaScript, AJAX, Comet-style networking.
  • Nice to have: Liferay experience

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to Liferay Portal chat capability to, at a minimum, allow chatting with users on external XMPP/Jabber-based networks (e.g. Google Chat, Facebook).
    • UI Changes to chat interface to enable configuration.
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.
  • Documentation required to configure chatting.

References #

Related Issues #



External References #

Chat Portlet Video Introduction

Discussion on buddy list strategy for existing Liferay Chat feature

Official Chat Portlet Download

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