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WikiOverHaul Features Wishlist

This page was ported from the Main wiki.

This page can help developers decide on what is and isn't important to focus on, regardless of Wiki engine chosen.


This is a page to discussing overhauling the Liferay portlet functionality that end users can use to implement a wiki. It is not intended for overhauling the content of For that, see Content Overhaul.

Wishlist by Jorge #

Incremental improvements

  • DONE - Make friendly URLs friendly by using the urlTitle for nodes (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Support Creole syntax (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Allow anonymous users to read comments (See LEP-5045)

::Related: Allow anonymous users to make comments, but not edit main page (JSPWiki's ACL / permissioning system is actually quite flexible in this regard) VSchmidt|VSchmidt 06:32, 1 November 2007 (PDT)

  • DONE - Wiki Display: allow selecting an specific Wiki Page (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Browse pages by tag (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Links to pages that have not been created yet should take to the edit screen and only create the actual page if the user writes something and saves it (See LEP-5045)
  • Allow linking pages across nodes
  • Allow selecting the order of tabs of nodes, and even which are shown and which not
  • Offer an option to enable disable comments (per portlet instance and per wiki page)
  • Support anonymous editing (saving his IP address)
  • Ratings
  • Plugin for FCKEditor and TinyMCE to create a link to another page

::Rotty|Rotty:we can do that if we allow the WikiParser to parse the HTML... right now this can work because the parser is HTML safe.. but doesn't make it easy to use ALL Wiki syntax in the editor.. but links work well in my tests...

  • Create a FindEntryAction similar to that of blogs to link to wiki pages in context from Asset Publisher

Improvements inspired by MediaWiki These are needed to migrate to our own wiki:

  • DONE - Inclusion of reusable fragments (MediaWiki calls them Templates) (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Renaming of pages (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Automatic generation of a table of contents per wiki page (See LEP-5045)

::Rotty|Rotty:I had almost all the code written for this...sigh!!!

::Rotty|Rotty:This is already supported using Media Wiki style Wiki links

  • DONE - Support showing the changes between two versions of a page (See LEP-5045)

::Rotty|Rotty:I have a diff lib which we can use for this, it's LGPL though...

  • DONE - RSS for changes and new pages (See LEP-5045)
  • Editing fragments of an article

Wishlist (by others)#

Feel free to start your own section if you have a lot to add - or tag your comments with your name under this communal list

Templates -- Most Wikis assume a default design, and this can prove awkward. Not all wikis are simple encyclopedias or news/knowledge base articles. They can be product descriptions, catalog records, bibliographies, URL directories, etc. An article-centric layout may be simple, but its' not very versatile. Templates will provide the application flexibility. -- matte ::Jferrer|Jferrer: I'm not sure what you mean. Isn't this already achieved in Liferay by using layout templates and mixing the wiki portlet with all other portlets?

VSchmidt|VSchmidt adds:

  • DONE by using Creole - Keep it simple --May be obvious to usability, but several wiki applications have gotten overwhelming with amount of complexity, and variegated syntax. Twiki is one that comes to mind as being too complex. (See LEP-5045)
  • DONE - Security --Retain Liferay's granular security & permissioning ability. Wikis are traditionally open by default. Liferay has unique strength in ability to focus security from entirely open system to tightly controlled & granular.
    • Insight into JSPWiki's security model here. The permissions matrix on that page (under Security Policies) covers a good base of wiki policies without getting too confusing or complex. (See LEP-5045)
    • Make sure wiki search feature is scoped based on either user permissions or some other context. (i.e., search results should not return pages the user is not authorized to view anyways.)
  • DONE Printable view --If not printable by default, at least an alternate view optimized for page printing. (See LEP-5045)
      • Export to PDF --Not a biggie, but nice for documentation wikis & similar.

Greydragon|Greydragon adds:

  • DONE - Support for Liferay tagging -- In order to support various features under development the Wiki pages / communities / nodes + children need to be able to be tagged (maybe we can use the category elements for this). (See LEP-5045)

Icheung|Icheung adds:

  • Ability to have special area for "code". Example:
System.out.println("This is an example of special area for code");
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