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Wiki Templates

Project Title #

Wiki Templates

Background #

Liferay's Wiki portlet, like the Message Boards portlet, is a full-featured wiki application which has all of the features you would expect of a state of the art wiki. Again, though, it has the benefit of being able to take advantage of all of the features of the Liferay platform. As such, it is completely integrated with Liferay's user management, tagging, and security platform.

Users create new wiki pages using a variety of syntax options, such as Creole, or plain HTML.

Use Cases #

A user is creating a series of wiki pages that should all use the same structure for the pages.

A user is creating a new wiki page but is a beginner and not familiar with all of the syntax options for producing headers, outlines, etc.

The Problem #

Currently, when a user begins a new wiki page, they start with a completely blank page. The user has syntax help, but no good idea of how to structure the wiki page to make it look nice, and be readable.

The Solution #

Modify Liferay Wiki to present a set of templates that users can select when creating new wiki pages. The project should define how these templates are created. Some options for defining wiki templates:

  • From a list of Web Content Articles tagged or categorized as wiki templates
  • A defined set of files installed on the portal (and configured via
  • From other wiki articles that are tagged or categorized as templates

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, JSP, JavaScript, CSS
  • Nice to have: Liferay experience

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to Liferay Wiki portlet.
    • UI Changes to chat interface to enable configuration.
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.
  • Documentation required to configure chatting.

References #

Related Issues #


External References #

Chat Portlet Video Introduction

Discussion on buddy list strategy for existing Liferay Chat feature

Official Chat Portlet Download

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