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Steps to deploy liferay6.0 in weblogic

1)1. Create a portal-ext.propertiesfile in the Liferay Homefolder,(ROOT\WEB-INF\classes)

Ifyou are using Liferay's built-in data source, add the databasesettings:





Do the same thing for the Mail Session. If you are using the built-in

configuration,set the following properties for your system:






Saveand close the file.

2)Copy xalan.jar and serializer.jar to your JDK's endorsedfolder for libraries. If you are using JRockit, you may find thisfolder in [BeaHome]/jrockit_160_05/jre/lib/ext.

3)create folder called “data” and “deploy” in the weblogicdomain folder .

4)Dependency libraries (portal-service , portlet) to be paste in theuser_projects\domains\portal\lib\ext folder , if Ext-plugin iscreated then copy the ext-service.jar from tomcat\lib\ext to theabove location.

5)If you want to deploy the plugin (portlet plugin or theme plugin etc)deply those plugin as .war in deploy folder and if image to bedisplayed in the web content portlet , those images to be availablein the data folder.

6.Select ROOT folder from the liferay-tomact budles or click the UploadYour File(s) link to upload it, and then click Next.Select Install this deployment as an application and click Next.

If the default name is appropriate for your installation, keep it.Otherwise, give it a name of your choosing and click Next.Click Finish.After the deployment finishes, click Save

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Hi, Nice steps to install liferay portal on... Umesh Kumar September 4, 2014 4:28 AM

Nice steps to install liferay portal on Weblogic server.
can you explain about creating plugin projects and setting liferay portal runtime, and deployment of liferay plugins.
Thanks in advance !!!!!!!
Posted on 9/4/14 4:28 AM.