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Social Coding Improvements

Project Title #

Social Coding Improvements

Background #

Social Coding is a plugin for Liferay that contains two collaborative applications for developers: integration with SVN and JIRA.

Use Cases #

When these applications are displayed in a user's personal page, they should display all the information about the development activity of this user in different projects.

The Problem #

Right now, these applications are hardcoded to work with the liferay repositories (Liferay project in SVN and Liferay projects in JIRA). They should be modified to be configurable and extended to display more information than they do now.

The Solution #

Create new developer collaboration applications and Improve the existing SVN and JIRA applications in different ways:

  • Make them configurable (not only for liferay projects)
  • Support for other version controls (at least git)
  • Integration with gitHub
  • Improve the information provided by these applications

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, Portlets, JSPs
  • Nice to have: Liferay, Web Services

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to Liferay Social Coding Plugins including all the improvements to the existing SVN and JIRA applications and the new ones developed
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.
  • Documentation required to configure above applications

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