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Red5 Integration

Project Description#

This project proposes the integration of Red5 server with Liferay.

What is Red5?#

Red5 is an open source project dedicated towards the interaction between the Flash Player and a Free Connection Oriented Server using rtmp (real time messaging protocol). Red5 is written in Java and supports:

  • Streaming Audio/Video (FLV and MP3)
  • Recording Client Streams (FLV only)
  • Shared Objects
  • Live Stream Publishing
  • Remoting

Red5 comes with a fistful of demos that demonstrate its capabilities and the features that will be gained from integrating it.

Project Requirements/Objectives#

  • Customize the bundled flash demos in such away that:
    • Takes parameters to reflect:
      • Corporate logo
      • Theme and color scheme
      • Red5 IP Address
    • Remove the debugging and output consoles
  • Develop and/or update portlets under the categories:
    • CMS
      • Media Library: Displays the list of available video (.flv) or audio (.mp3) files(uses the codebase of ofla_demo.swf demo)
      • Media Player: Similar to the video player in YouTube, but it can also play audio files (uses the codebase of ofla_demo.swf demo)
      • Journal Article: add XML tag to embed the above Media Player portlet
    • Collaboration
      • Video Conference Portlet: for group conerence (uses the codebase of videoConference.swf demo)
      • Chat Portlet: uses Ajax for text messaging and enable audio/video chat, the behavior is something like MSN messenger, where you start by text and then you can start the audio/video. (uses the codebase of videoConference.swf and/or simpleBoardcaster.swf and simpleSubscriber.swf demos)
      • Message Recorder: where users can record a message and select the recipient from a drop down list, the message then will go to the recipient inbox (uses the codebase of simpleRecorder.swf demo)
      • Inbox Message Player: Displays the incoming messages to the current user, the user select any to play (uses the codebase of ofla_demo.swf demo)
    • Tools
      • Surveillance (or LiveStream): (uses the codebase of simpleSubscriber.swf demo)
      • Surveillance (or LiveStream) List: displays a list of the available streams so the user selects one to display (uses the codebase of ofla_demo.swf demo)
      • Video Guest Book: this portlet to be placed in the guest area, where the guests can sign the guest book by an audio/video message, the message will be delivered to the webmaster's inbox (uses the codebase of simpleRecorder.swf demo)
  • Develop management portlets for:
    • Video Conference Portlet: Create and manage conference rooms
    • Video Library: Define the list of the available videos to be displayed

Initial Project Scope#

<outline the initial project scope>

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach#

<discuss the design/implementation approach from this project>


Ever tried Tokbox?

Baris Sener | Posted on 7/11/09 8:04 AM.

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Hi, would be great if anyone could update us on... Ramesh J November 23, 2011 10:32 AM

Hi, would be great if anyone could update us on this proposal. Looking for something like this in Liferay.

Posted on 11/23/11 10:32 AM.