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RPM and DEB Package Distros

Project Title #

RPM and DEB Package Distros

Background #

Liferay is an Open Source Java portal which supports a vast number of deployment configurations. A large portion of Liferay deployments actually run on Linux based operating systems. Most of these operating systems already provide prepackaged bundles of the key dependencies required to run Liferay, namely a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and a database. In fact, in some cases they also provide either a Java Application Server or a Java Servlet Container, either of which could be used to run Liferay reducing the need for Liferay to bundle it's own.

Use Cases #

  • An Linux system administrator wants to install Liferay on servers he/she manages. If Liferay was included in RMP (Redhat Package Management) or DEB (Debian) repositories the only step required by the administrator to install Liferay would be to include the repository in the repository manager. Furthermore, upgrades would be handled easily following a well defined process.

The Problem #

Building Linux packages usually involves compilation of the source code as part of the package assembly. This means that all build time and runtime dependencies have to be satisfied. Until recently not all these resources were satisfied by true Open Source alternatives. Now that this is no longer the case, Liferay could be completely assembled into Linux packages and distributed via repositories making installation into Linux environments a breeze.

The Solution #

Build RMP and DEB packages and provide those via package repositories.

(It is understood that only a subset of the possible deployment configurations might be produced during this project.)

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Linux Administration
  • Nice to have: Linux packaging knowledge, Shell Scripting

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete build plans for creating RPM and DEB packages as part of Liferay's build process.
  • Documentation to produce the packages and to setup repositories.

References #

Related Issues #

External References #


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