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Personal Quick Links

Personal Quick Links

When performing repeated operations in the portal, such as managing users, creating Web Content or editing Templates, you often find yourself going back and forth between views to confirm you're progress.

  • Reduce the time of iterations during Web Content development, User management.

There are so many management operations to perform in the portal that it becomes impossible to easily reduce the number of clicks between them. Different features of the portal have their own administration UIs. Likewise sites aggregate content management tasks via the control panel which means that at times you are going from the site to the control panel repeatedly.

Having a means temporarily add "quick links" between different parts of the portal would allow a user to quickly jump back and forth to between them.

  • Add a function that
  1. obtains the link of the current page (potentially including the get parameters)
  2. when invoked opens an inline dialog which asks the user to name the "quick link" (possibly defaulting to the page name)
  3. on save, store the pair (link, name) in either the user session (temporary), or to the users
  4. display the links as a subsection of one of the existing menus (or a new menu)
  5. provide the ability to remove links
  • Required: Java, JSP, CSS
  • Nice to have: Struts, AlloyUI, Liferay


  • a 6.0.6 Theme or Hook (or both) which implements the feature.
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