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OpenSocial Charting using Liferay JSON Services

Project Title #

OpenSocial Charting using Liferay JSON Services

Background #

Liferay integrates the open source Apache Shindig OpenSocial/Gadget container developed and maintained by a long list of organizations including (but not limited to) Google, Yahoo and LinkedIn.

Within Liferay, OpenSocial applications running in the Shindig container are treated as first class members of the portal, fully compliant with portal authorization and manageable just like any regular portlets. In this way OpenSocial apps running in this container are ideally poised to allow rapid development. By accessing the Portal's JSON (RPC, and soon the REST) services, along with the OpenSocial APIs, the opportunities for implementing light weight but immensely functional applications appear endless.

As a demonstration of these features it would be ideal to leverage the above technologies along with a javascript based charting library to implement some interesting charts showing things like social equity, user activity, forum data, etc.

Use Cases #

  • An portal administrator wants to provide a dashboard showing a chart of dayly user activity of the portal. Finding available gadgets would enabled him/her to quickly deploy a new UI which can then be added to a dashboard, delegating view permission the same familiar way.

The Problem #

There are currently no examples of OpenSocial based charting apps for Liferay.

The Solution #

Build a few good example charts that use the portal JSON services along with the OpenSocial API and a javascript charting library.

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Javascript knowledge
  • Nice to have: OpenSocial API knowledge, Javascript Charting knowledge

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • A complete charting app that run in the Liferay OpenSocial container which displays various aspects of some subset of portal metrics.

References #

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