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Management Extensions

Project Description#

Liferay Portal provides many configuration settings inside the These properties should be customizable via a JMX interface to allow for dynamic modification of values. Other features, like log level reloading will allow administrators the ability to modify some Portal behavior without having to restart the application.

Project Requirements/Objectives#

Project Issues/Concerns#

1) If we allow the reloading of application parameters, this may require notification of parameter changes to users of these parameters.


Easyconf, the configuration library tha Liferay users, already supports dynamicly changing the values of parameters as well as reloading if the file changes. It also has initial JMX support, so it may be worth to take a look at it.

Jferrer | Jferrer 11:57, 17 September 2007 (PDT)

I'd be interested in finding out if the easyconf feature works...

In theory, easyconf:reload-delay=5, or something like that may do it...

but I have not seen where liferay configures easyconf, a grep for the text in the app server didn't render results..

Alex Wallace | Posted on 10/31/08 11:05 AM

If says the truth, then just setting the reload config on any properties file should do the trick, but it doesn't seem to.

Alex Wallace | Posted on 10/31/08 11:16 AM

Even calling com.germinus.easyconf.EasyConf.refreshAll(); which prints the folowing in the log: 18:32:08,181 INFO [com.germinus.easyconf.EasyConf:122] Refreshed the configuration of all components

doesn't make PropsUtil.get refresh its values...

So it's not going to be that straight forward...

Alex Wallace | Posted on 10/31/08 11:50 AM

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