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Look-ahead search results

Project Title #

Look-ahead search results

Background #

Look-ahead is a tool in algorithms for looking ahead a few more input items before making a cost effective decision at one stage of the algorithm. In artificial intelligence, look-ahead is an important component of combinatorial search which specifies, roughly, how deeply the graph representing the problem is explored. Look-ahead is also an important concept in parsers in compilers which establishes the maximum number of incoming input tokens the parser can look at to decide which rule it should use.

In Knowledge base portlets, it is very useful to search articles by keywords. And moreover, it is very nice that the system should remember the keywords that users input for search. When users typing, suggested keywords should be available.

Use Cases #

For example, suppose that users input a set of keywords to search Knowledge base article, like “liferay”, “life”, “live”, “look”, “like” and now they want to use these keywords in their keyword search. When a user types “l”, the system should list suggested keywords, like “liferay”, “life”, “live”, “look”, “like”; when a user types “li”, the system should list suggested keywords, like “liferay”, “life”, “live”, “like”; when a user types “lif”, the system should list suggested keywords, like “liferay”, “life”; and so on.

This is a good feature to search knowledge base articles. And moreover, it would be a nice feature for Liferay portal core portlets like Search and Web Content Search.

The Problem #

Currently, none of Liferay's input forms based on AlloyUI do look-ahead searching. Several of them perform "auto-complete" based on a pre-defined list of elements, but do not perform smart look-ahead.

The Solution #

For this project, modify Liferay's search capabilities (global search, web content search) to perform smart look-ahead keyword completion, based on previous search indexes.

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, JSP, Algorithms, JavaScript
  • Nice to have: Struts, Liferay, AlloyUI

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to AlloyUI and Liferay Portal to do smart look-ahead searching for keyword completion for global search and web content search.
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.

References #

Related Issues #

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External References #


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