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Liferay as an e-commerce platform

Introduction #

Improvements for the shopping portlet and other general improvements that would be needed to make it easier for users to create online shops with Liferay

Discussion have been held in the following forum threads: 

Proposals #

  • Integrate shop products in the asset system - this will provide the shop with tagging, categorization, comments, links, social equity, ratings, custom fields...
  • Integrate the shopping process with the workflow system
  • Separate the shopping in several portlets (back-office and front-office)
  • Improve shipping cost calculus with geogrphic and weight information about the products and customers
  • Billing: develop a very simple ERP and an ERP integration framework
  • Manage stock refunds in the stock section
  • Import/export products from other systems
  • Reports and statistics tools integration for data analysis (Jasper-iReport/Pentaho...)
  • Payment system integration made easier for developers to add new payment modules
  • Multiple shops per instance (one shop per community/organization)
  • Support for multi-language sites (everything should be localized)
  • Enhace social experience (features such as "those who have bought this product also bought this" or dependencies to make up and do cross-selling)
  • My orders & history (by default in control panel) something like my account in classical e-shop
  • Search scoped to shopping items
  • HTML editor for categories and for product description
  • Creation of PDF invoices
  • Possibility to assign image also for category, more images for one product (i.e. sets of small-medium-full images) with lightbox-style gallery
  • Possibility to specify template for list/detail of product and replace functionality (e.g. replace PDF Invoice generation with custom implementation)
  • Support for multiple shipping carriers (with different payment for different countries)
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Great list. In South Africa we need to show ... chris Rowse August 29, 2011 1:34 AM
Privacy Issue - Following the hacking and... chris Rowse August 29, 2011 3:09 AM

Great list.
In South Africa we need to show
- VAT and Company registration of both buyer and seller
- Unique, sequential VAT invoice numbers (Receiver of Revenue requires this)
- The Words 'VAT INVOICE' or 'Copy VAT INVOICE', VAT INVOICE can only occur once

Buyer address info should be pre-filled from control panel addresses
Registration, VAT, Tax etc should come from the Organization that owns the shop
Posted on 8/29/11 1:34 AM.
Privacy Issue - Following the hacking and privacy issues recently experienced by some large corporations, I, personally, don't like to store Credit card and other details on my Liferay database.

Wherever possible, I do not even want credit card information captured in my forms.

I prefer the payment stream to capture and maintain this information for me. I access and use information from their secure database as and when I require it. I don't need credit cards details, just a handle to the transaction n which I play the supplier role.

Paypal go some way in this and can give me shipping information for a completed transaction. From what I can see, they do not yet (Aug 2011) enable me to send some detail (e.g. name and address) through to their API without also sending credit card details.
Posted on 8/29/11 3:09 AM in reply to chris Rowse.