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Project Title #

Basic Image Editing for Image Gallery

Background #

Liferay has an Image Gallery application which allows users to upload and store images for use in various other parts of a portal implementation, such as displaying them as a part of a web page, or collaborating on images, etc.

Use Cases #

A user would like to make a basic edit of an image, such as to lighten or darken, crop, etc, without using an external editor.

The Problem #

Currently, Liferay's Image Gallery (IG) only allows saving and loading of images. There is no possibility of editing it without checkout the file out, downloading, editing, and re-uploading.

The Solution #

Modify Liferay's IG to support basic editing features using an inline editor, such as or

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, Struts, JavaScript, CSS, JSP
  • Nice to have: Liferay

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to Liferay Portal 6.0.6 to implement an inline image editor for IG, Including
    • Workflow-enablement
    • Locking
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.
  • Documentation required to configure this option.

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IMHO basic transformation of image like lighten... Szymon Gołębiewski September 13, 2011 1:37 PM

IMHO basic transformation of image like lighten or darken can be easily made by basic graphic editors available in every system (Paint in Windows, gPaint in gnome etc.). But operations like Crop or resize are very usefull and basic (default) editors doesn't have this.

So we looking into particulat set of operation. As a good example we should look at hov they handle such operations in their WYSIWYG editor. Or maybe Liferay need WYSIWYG editor with such options (
Posted on 9/13/11 1:37 PM.