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Project Title # implementation for Liferay.

Background #

The Atom Syndication Format, as defined in RFC4287, is widely used to transmit various types of web content such as weblog posts, news headlines, as well as user activities within social sites. In the case of user activities, Atom lacks the ability to express much of the activity-specific metadata in a machine-parseable format. Activity Streams is an XML format designed to allow this additional activity metadata to be expressed within existing Atom entries and feeds.

The use and popularity of the Activity Streams is growing, and an implementation in Liferay would help drive its own success.

Use Cases #

A user is interested in subscribing to a Liferay activity feed using their favorite RSS reader or an ActivityStreams-compliant reader

Development of an application that works with Liferay, reading XML or JSON streams using the ActivityStream standard.

The Problem #

Currently, Liferay's activity feed is basic RSS 1.0/2.0 or basic Atom. While this serves a basic activity stream purpose, the rich metadata present in an ActivityStream-compliant stream makes more data available and a richer ecosystem of supporting software exists that could take advantage of it.

The Solution #

Modify Liferay's activity streams module(s) to support the ActivityStreams 1.0 standard.

Skills Needed #

  • Required: Java, XML
  • Nice to have: Struts, Liferay

Prerequisites #


Deliverables #

  • Complete code changes to Liferay Portal 6.0.6 to implement an outbound ActivityStreams-compliant Stream, including
    • Modification of Web Content Feeds to support AS
    • Modification of Blog, Message Board, Wiki, and Asset Publisher streams to support AS.
  • Unit tests for all new and changed code.
  • Documentation required to configure above applications

References #

Related Issues #


External References #

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This would be very useful. Can we aggregate... Hamish Campbell March 14, 2012 6:16 AM

This would be very useful. Can we aggregate activity streams from other sites as well?
Posted on 3/14/12 6:16 AM.