iPhone web applications within Liferay

Any iphone web application or any other mobile device web application can be perfectly integrated into Liferay. Showing facebook, linkedin, twitter or any other widget in our Liferay page is really simple.

Process #

  1. Add an iframe portlet to your page in Liferay
  2. Go to Configuration of this portlet and set the Source URL to the iphone web application URL

Web Applications URL #

Below there is a list with some web applications optimized for the iphone that can be perfectly used as Liferay Portlets.

Please, feel free add any other application you may know to the list.

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We can add above mention application in in... Chirag Suthar April 7, 2009 10:41 PM
You must have it on a private page... ... Ryan T July 31, 2009 12:55 PM
Facebook doesn't allow iframing (screen is... Peter Monroe March 8, 2010 2:59 PM

We can add above mention application in in Liferay easily with same user instance per iframe.
Ie: If we Sign-in on liferay and then I sign in facebook or any other iFrame application its working fine .Now you can sign-in as a other user who is having permission to access facebook iframe ,he/She can also able to see my activity inside facebook ,Its not accepted.

Can any buddy suggest me how to resolve?
Posted on 4/7/09 10:41 PM.
You must have it on a private page... alternately create a facebook account for the business that is ok for everyone in your org to see.

Anyone with access to the page with SSO embedded in the iframe will see that content.
Posted on 7/31/09 12:55 PM in reply to Chirag Suthar.
Facebook doesn't allow iframing (screen is disabled when you log in).

The Twitter url above does not work. This is twitter's mobile url: m.twitter.com.

Posted on 3/8/10 2:59 PM.