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Wiki Display Portlet

Introduction #

The Wiki Display portlet allows you to show a single wiki page. To select your desired wiki page for display, go to the Wiki Display portlet's Configuration screen. Then, select the node the page exists under, then select the page to display.

Configuration #

  • This portlet shows only pages for wikis that are in current Community/Organization.
  • It's possible to configure from what scope (in current Community/Organization) this portlet will choose wikis

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Hi, Can we remove the [b]revert[/b]... Senthil Chockalingam June 29, 2010 4:31 AM


Can we remove the revert permission(i.e only they want to update the content) for End User?

Revert should display for only Wiki-Admin right? emoticonemoticon
Posted on 6/29/10 4:31 AM.